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Product Information Management system designed for multi-channel sellers.

So what makes eComPIM stand out from the crowd?

  1. Has a built in information of key requirements needed in every catalog such as Amazon taxonomy and item refinements
  2. Minimize imports / exports of spreadsheets, eComPIM has an out of the box API with key eCommerce platforms such as ChannelAdvisor
  3. Minimize research time, eComPIM has Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and more marketplaces taxonomy, category information, and item refinement information out of the box, simply link these existing data points to your products
  4. Minimize human error, the information you need is already in the app in the very same way Amazon and other marketplaces need it, if you don’t need to type it, you can’t type it wrong
  5. Copy your copy instead of writing it, eComPIM has an integrations with public and non-public databases and suggest product copy to you if the product already exist
  6. Don’t take images, eComPIM suggests images to your products, add them to your catalog with a few clicks

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