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Packer Helper

Pick & pack automation system to streamline your fulfillment process

PackerHelper Main features:

  1. All items scanned before packed
  2. Pack randomly to avoid need to compare items with orders
  3. See all order details on a screen rather on a sheet
  4. No more typing in order #'s
  5. No more wrong item shipped
  6. Increase processing productivity
  7. Consolidate items to be pulled by SKU between all sales channels and save time pulling rather than pulling by sales channel or order.
  8. Never come back for the same warehouse location more than once
  9. Packing slip printed only after all items scanned to avoid missing items in an order
  10. Support kits
  11. Support multi-item orders
  12. Support multiple users
  13. Works on both windows / mac
  14. Print barcode to be scanned into any shipping software (Shipworks, ShipStation, ShipRush, TrueShip, Teapplix, etc'...).
  15. Customize your packing slip based on the language order is shipped to (German packing slip if shipped to Germany, French if shipped to France, Portuguese for Brazil and Portugal, etc'...)
  16. Can work together with your currents Warehouse Management System (WMS) and customization available.

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