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Scylla is a middleware for catalog management. Scylla is aggregating catalog information from various sources such as your vendor, API, flat file, etc'… transform the data based on pre-configured rules, and send it to a destination source via flat file or API. Plug Scylla to your catalog source and destination and let Scylla do the heavy lifting.

Scylla Main features

  1. Built in requirements for Amazon US marketplace (Browse Tree, Refinements, etc'…)
  2. Built in requirements for eBay US marketplace (category ID, item specifics, etc'…)
  3. Built in requirements for OverStock marketplace (categories, valid values, etc'…)
  4. Built in requirements for Walmart marketplace such (Taxonomy, attributes, etc'…)
  5. Integration with ChannelAdvisor via API & FTP
  6. Integration with CommerceHub
  7. Sending email notifications with reports
  8. Integration with currency exchange rates API to update prices automatically when selling in multiple locales to account for exchange rates fluctuation
  9. Scalable, can process million of products and billion of records daily
  10. Designed to be extendable and new integrations / features added regularly
  11. Saves manual work
  12. Minimize human error
  13. Increases visibility, discoverability, and internal search rank in marketplaces (Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc'…)

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