Catalog Management

We always keep in mind the end goal, which is having your products everywhere your customers are. With that in mind, we resolve all marketplaces' product information errors proactively before they arise.

High Scalability

High Scalability

With over 10 years of experience managing large catalogs for companies with over 500,000 SKUs in their catalog, Droidox is positioned to handle Product Information Management of any size and complexity.
Minimize Work/ Auto Pilot

Minimize Work/ Auto Pilot

Over the years we were positioned to invest in our middleware Scylla that can do the heavy lifting of MDM (Master Data Management) nearly autonomously and automatically leaving little to zero need of human intervention on a day to day basis.
Filling Platforms' requirement

Filling Platforms' requirement

Our unique approach to Catalog Management meets the rigorous requirements of online marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon, Google and many moreā€¦

eCommerce Product Catalog Management

eCommerce Product Catalog Management

E Commerce product catalog management is one of the essential services for any business that wants to succeed in the digital space. Catalog management services offer solutions to common challenges when managing a product catalog.

Droidox removes the hassle from your e Commerce product catalog management, allowing you to focus on developing and expanding your business. We provide comprehensive catalog management services that ensure accuracy and consistency across all aspects of your product listing, from data entry to categorization, customization, and optimization.

This means you can rest assured that all products in your catalog are accurately described and presented attractively. We also offer expert advice on making the most of each product listing, including optimization solutions that help increase visibility and sales conversions.

Our team of experienced catalog management professionals can provide valuable insights into best practices for e Commerce product listings, from SEO tips to improving customer engagement.

eCommerce Product Catalog Management

What are Catalog Management Services for eCommerce?

eCommerce catalog management services are designed to ensure that any online store's product data listing is accurate and up-to-date. It helps e Commerce businesses organize their product catalogs, ensure all information is accurate and relevant, and optimize each product listing for maximum visibility in search engine results.

  • Increased Accuracy of Product Information
  • Improved Presentation and Quality of Product Data Listings
  • Optimized Search Engine Visibility
  • Enhanced Customer Engagement
  • More Efficient Use of Resources
  • Increased Sales Conversions
  • Expert Advice on Best Practices

Our Catalog Management Services

Managing product catalog data across multiple sales channels can be difficult and time-consuming. Our e Commerce catalog management services make it easy to keep track of all your product listings and maintain accuracy and consistency across different sales channels. We offer a range of services designed specifically for online stores:

  • Managing product catalog data across multiple sales channels
  • Comprehensive end-to-end catalog management services
  • Accurate and up-to-date product information
  • Optimized product listings for maximum visibility in search engine results
  • Attractive presentation and quality of product listings
  • Improved customer engagement through personalized experiences
  • Increased sales conversions by leveraging optimization techniques
  • Expert guidance on e Commerce best practices

What's The Solution

Working with our team grants you access to our network of experienced professionals in the e Commerce management industry. We also provide e Commerce catalog management software solutions that can help streamline and optimize your catalog and inventory management processes.

Droidox offers two data management solutions for your online store e-commerce catalog management.



eComPIM is a PIM system that provides end-to-end product information management solutions. It enables online stores to manage and publish their product catalogs in one place. From creating new listings to updating existing ones, eComPIM helps you stay on top of your catalogs with minimal effort.

With its stand-out features, such as API integration, you can automatically update and store product information across different channels and devices. This makes eComPIM the perfect solution for sellers managing multiple selling channels and bulk product inventory management.




Scylla is an aggregated catalog management system that helps e Commerce businesses generate more visibility and conversions. It automates product listing processes, making uploading product information into multiple sales channels easy.

With Scylla, you can streamline your catalog management process and improve inventory data quality using automated means to organize product data. As a result, your store's online catalog will have fewer errors and more accurate product information.


Our Process

At Droidox, we take a holistic approach to catalog management services. We believe in providing complete and comprehensive solutions that address the needs of our clients. Our process includes the following:

Data Entry: Accurately entering all product information into your catalog for your online stores

Categorization: Properly organizing product catalogs into categories for easy navigation

Customization: Customizing each product listing for maximum visibility for online shopping

Optimization: Enhancing each listing with SEO best practices to maximize presence in search engine results.

Advice: Providing expert advice on best practices in catalog management for e Commerce stores and insights into the best product catalog management software.


What is a catalog management system?

A catalog management system is a software solution that helps manage product information across multiple sales channels. It aims to ensure that all product data is up-to-date, accurate, and optimized for maximum visibility in search engine results.

Why do I need catalog management services?

Catalog management services are essential for an online store with multiple products listed across various sales channels. It helps streamline creating and managing product listings, ensuring accuracy and consistency throughout your entire catalog. It also helps improve visibility in search engine results, increasing sales conversions.

What are the benefits of using an e Commerce catalog management system?

An e Commerce catalog management system can help your online store:

  • Save time by automating product listing processes
  • Increase visibility in search engine results
  • Reduce errors and increase the accuracy of product information
  • Provide customers with a better shopping experience through personalized experiences
  • Optimize resources by efficiently managing inventory across multiple channels.

Can I manage my catalog manually?

Yes, you can manage your catalog manually if you have the time and resources to devote to the task. However, this can be daunting and time-consuming process, so we recommend investing in catalog management software solutions such as eComPIM or Scylla to automate the process and ensure the accuracy of your product data.

Ready to take control of your e Commerce product's digital asset management system? Contact us at Droidox today to learn how our catalog management services can help you reach your business goals.


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